Inspired by Competition

By nature I am not all that competitive. In those fun-filled online personality quizzes, I learn that my particular type is motivated intrinsically and that beating someone else is not necessarily an impetus to me to aim higher or to achieve greater and greater things. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer a Gator win to any other sort of Gator game, but generally speaking, cooperation appeals more to me than tug-of-war.

However, I am very motivated by our pledge campaign competition that is on at the moment!  Our Enlistment Committee has the fun idea that we’ll invite the congregation into a friendly little competition between somewhat randomly divided four groups by last names (A-E, F-K, L-Ri, and Ro-Z)  We will be competing to see which group can have 100% participation in our Enlistment (or pledge) campaign first. 100% participation means that every household in your group has completed and turned in a pledge card (however known–via e-pledge card, online pledge, email to our accountant, Catherine Cake, etc.–all the methods count! ).  If you live in a house where people with more than one last name reside, then you get to designate on your card which name grouping you want YOUR card to be credited to!  For example, in my house we have three names–Wilson, Lasley, and Bond. I am TOTALLY grabbing our pledge card and designating it to group 4 or the Ro-Z group to help with the WIN!

The thing is, of course, no matter which group “wins” the competition, as each group gets in their pledge cards, and as we look at how quickly we are progressing toward our pledge goal of $704,020, then all of UCG wins! All of us participating by pledging whatever we can and giving as generously as possible means that UCG’s wonderful ministry goes forward with strength! It reminds me of a Bible verse– “Always outdo one another in showing honor. Give generously and share in hospitality to all.” (Romans 12:10)

That’s a competition that motivates me deeply. Outdo one another in showing honor. Give generously, and show hospitality to all. Be the first in your group to get in your pledge card! Do it today and with a joyful heart and feel inspired by all that our gifts will accomplish together!

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