Opportunities to take a deeper look at the things we are passionate about.

Fellowship and growth in our religious understanding[/heading

Each spring, fall, and winter we offer a series of Adult Small Groups, created to provide learning and fellowship opportunities. There are groups for spiritual exploration, personal growth, arts, fellowship, recreation and service. You’ll find a new schedule of offerings each January and August. Registration required.

Starting on January 15th we are accepting submissions for our Spring Small Groups booklet. Is there a gift or skill you would be willing to share with others? Is there an exciting day trip you think other UCGer’s would love to participate in? Looking for a few good people to engage in a lively discussion over dinner? Submit your ideas to us, and we will help you turn them into programs that everyone can enjoy! Look for a link in our January “This Week at UCG” email to submit your brilliant ideas! One recent participant in one of our small groups said, “This is EXACTLY what we have been looking for– an opportunity to have great conversations with great people.” Join us!