Day-to-Day Joy

Small joys appear in our pathways daily. Sometimes they are in the form of surprise appearances of beautiful birds or the laughter-producing antics of a child. Sometimes a friend sends new music to us and says, “Check it out! I love this song!” Sometimes there is a warm flood of inspiration from a source that seems at first to be unlikely.  And, no matter where it comes from, as the saying goes, “a joy shared is a joy doubled.”

A note and photo I received this week reminded me of my own grandmother, who, even when she was quite elderly and in poor health, always sent her children home with some sort of food.  And so, the joy I received when Valerie Aslakson-Jennings of our congregation sent me this sweet note and this photo was double doubled! Doubled first because of the sweet memory of my Nanny, and doubled again because of Valerie and her sweet Mom, Wanda, both of whom always inspire me when I see them.  Here is what Valerie sent (and she gave me permission to share it on our blog:)  “My mom is doing fairly well. After years of cooking wonderful meals for us she still insists on finding something to give. She put a message on the banana she gave me this week!”

May your joys be shared this week, and doubled!


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