It’s a Mystery to Me

This weekend, members of Youth United will embark on a two day adventure that will take them to places that are unknown to them. They willingly load up into the van and allow us to take them wherever we please. We’ve swooped through the treetops on zip lines in Tallahassee, eaten at a vegan-friendly soul food joint, walked the streets of Savannah on a ghost hunting tour, and seen the Broadway touring production of “Wicked,” just to name a few highlights from recent years. But it’s not all fun and games (and tasty food). We always do acts of service, too. We’ve cleaned beaches in Jacksonville, served the homeless breakfast in Miami, washed tables and organized bedding in St. Petersburg, and picked fruit in partnership with migrant workers in Apopka.

Members of YU know that they can expect a little service, a lot of fun, and an unfolding adventurous weekend that is sure to surprise them at some points, and challenge them at others.

Just like a life of faith. Surprising, adventurous, challenging, unfolding.

A line from a benediction I frequently say at the end of our services, is, “ May God…surprise you, by God’s continued love for you, and what you are, and what you do.”

Keep your eyes peeled for adventure. Invest in the mystery. Ask the challenging questions, and open your heart to God’s creative spirit that loves you no matter what. After all, sometimes, the mystery is half the fun!

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