All Saints at the Welcome Table

Scripture: Luke’s story of the Road to Emmaus It was two years ago this week on All Hallows Eve that a handful of friends and I finally walked into Cathedral Square in Santiago de Compostella, Spain. These were the final steps of the 500-mile journey we had embarked on 5

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“Cultivating the Garden Within”

BPM Service with Live Oak Sangha and Swamp Sangha October 15, 2017  “Cultivating the Garden Within”  Kevin Conlin I am a gardener in the conventional world. And I love this metaphor of “cultivating the garden within” for my spiritual practice. It provides a framework of how to work with my

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I Pledge Allegiance

I Pledge Allegiance Andy Bachmann October 1, 2017 In 8th grade, I was elected Vice-President of the Student Council for my school, McClure Junior High. I wasn’t sure what it meant to be Vice-President, but my mom assured me it was a great responsibility and honor, and it meant that

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A Sermon Written While Cleaning Up

The Shape of Things to Come has been our worship theme over this month, and as we’ve noted, we shape our own realities with raw materials and also we are molded by other people’s actions and by external events that occur and we are changed.  Someone said to me gently

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Peaceful Neighbors

Peaceful Neighbors                                                    Talia Raymond                                               9/17/2017 One of the reasons that I wanted to go to Rollins College was because Mr. Rogers went there, and, in my mind there could be no better recommendation.  When I settled on music as a major, I wouldn’t

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Shaping Up at Amelia Island

Shaping Up at Amelia Island    James 1:2-4; 19-25   September 3, 2017   Shelly Wilson Maybe you’ve written them–those reports at the beginning of school–what I did on my summer vacation. This year, we went to Amelia Island for a week and stayed in a nice vacation rental place, whose owners are

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Last Things First

Last Things First Andy Bachmann August 27, 2017 Matthew 19:16, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” The last time I hiked the Overlook Trail in the Porcupine Mountains was the first time I hiked it; before I hiked it again. That’s a confusing way

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A Life Without Lingering Resentment

I was surprised to read in the newsletter that I was preaching on hell and anger; not because I didn’t know I was going to preach on these subjects or because I’m not going to, but because it wasn’t my first choice of topics. I attended our former pastor, Vince

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The Gift and the Giver

Having children in one’s life changes that life forever. Whether one is a biological, adoptive, or step parent, godparent, caregiver, friend, or teacher, it does not take long to discover just how right our friend Kahlil Gibran was when he wrote, “your children are not your children. They are the

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All This Every Day

All This Every Day      Luke 12:13-21          July 16, 2017  Shelly Wilson Jesus speaks this parable on his way to Jerusalem where he will meet his death at the hands of the state. He seems to be pressing to provide every single teaching he can—all the valuable God-vision he can share

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Three Great Loves

The General Synod of the UCC meets every two years and its meeting dates often extend over the fourth of July.  Many years there is jubilation on that day as the Synod winds down its business and we all look back, and some years it is more sobering, but always,

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Service Times

Sunday Services:
9:15am and 11:15am

Adult Seminars:

Join Mark Burlingame who will lead us through the ritual, “Touching the Earth,”.

Join Jose Vega in his seminar, “Preventing Spiritual Abuse—a Ban on Conversion Therapy in Alachua County.”

Meditation in the Chapel: