We Don’t Make the Road

Note: The sermon references ‘desire paths,’ which I explained earlier in the service. They are the trails that mark frequent foot traffic. They usually represent the shortest route to a destination and often cut across or go around the designed walkways and roadways. This week I tried to explain the

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Céad Míle Fáilte – 100,000 Welcomes!

A highlight of this past fall was being invited to the courthouse to say a prayer at the ceremony that welcomed new citizens to the United States. I loved watching the hopeful, beautiful, colorful faces of the 60 plus people gathered in that courtroom from around 20 different countries, and

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This is a very simple sermon, which can be summed up in three words that we’ve already said maybe a dozen times this morning: let it shine. When I hear those words, there’s an image from my life that frequently comes to mind. It comes from my time as a

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Be Somebody

Andy Bachmann lifts up the challenge of “Being Somebody” in the face of a world of growing doubt and distress. “Rise up! The Matter is in Your Hands!”

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A Waking Dream

They name the realities, do these prophets, Amos and Hosea, Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King, the realities are called out, sobbed and spoken and shouted. It is not so much that they prophesy as in foretelling, though often the prophets do that, too, but it is that they point

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The Matter is in Your Hands

Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” I sat in a circle of friends on New Years Eve, struggling to come up with a resolution for the New Year. I tend to be lousy at that kind of thing. It is

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Value Destruction

“Americans celebrate the holidays with an orgy of value destruction.” These are the words of the economist Jared Waldfogel, making the case for why we shouldn’t give gifts. And from a microeconomic standpoint, that case is apparently pretty easy to make. If the purpose of giving gifts, as economists assume,

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Stay in Character While Waiting in the Wings

Isaiah 9:1-7 All over the place, churches are having Christmas pageants, however known. Whether fancy and high-tech with lights and fabulous sets or humble and homemade, in the wings are waiting characters who are electric with excitement. It was before our play this morning when a mom hurried by me,

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Waiting in the Wings

“Advent begins with a paradox of who we are and where we are: somewhere between the darkness and the light, somewhere between the fact of darkness and the hope of light, watching and waiting for a holiness to heal us, to hallow us, to liberate us from the dark.” –F.

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Ambiguous Blessing

November 22, 2015 Job 2:8 There is nothing that whispers, growls, suggests, invites, and incarnates our worship theme of “delicious ambiguity” like Thanksgiving. Am I right? It is the holiday that puts on a sweet company face. On the delicious side of things it can be full of wonderful food

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