The People’s Potluck

It will come as no surprise to you to know that a good chunk of the miracles that happen in the Bible (and in life, really…) happen over food. Moses smacks a stone and water comes gushing out. The starving Israelites wake up one morning to find honey crisps waiting for them. They affectionately call it “bread from heaven.” And of course, there’s the whole Loaves and Fishes thing with Jesus. And how could we forget that in the gospel of John, his first big miracle is to turn water into wine…

Food is often where we come to know the power and the presence of God in a more powerful and heartfelt way. And why not? Food is a party for all the senses. So why not engage that sense party together through The People’s Potluck?

This January, we will be pairing potluck-oriented people up into groups of about 12-15 people. We’re going to try to make it as simple as possible by putting you together with folks who will likely live relatively close to you. And our hope is that once we’ve put you all together, you will find a mutually agreed-upon date to have a potluck. Nothing fancy. Nothing extravagant. Just a simple gathering of you and your fellow UCGer’s, engaging in a little community building of your own, in one of your homes. (or at the park. Or on the prairie. Or wherever you all want to gather up! It’s in YOUR hands!)

Once we’ve compiled the groups, we will email your group leader with a list of the emails for all the people, and then put it into your able bodied hands to sort out the when where and how.

If YOU would like to join the People’s Potluck, now is your chance. You can email Sara at to say, “YES! I want to participate in the People’s Potluck!” Then, if you would please be so kind, let us know HOW MANY people will be attending the potluck with you, what your email address is, and finally, if you would be willing to organize and/or host your first gathering.

Our hope is that you will gather once in the first three months of the year. Our dream is that you’ll gather twice this year. It would be incredible if you got together with your potluck people every other month or so.

It has been said that churches get bigger by getting smaller. This is a simple little way that we hope to help you make some good community with some great people in our family of faith. And have a little fun in the process!

Who doesn’t love a good potluck?


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