Taking action in order to bring about cultural change.


Social Justice Committee is the action oriented arm of our UCG outreach. Through Social Justice we provide opportunities for UCGer’s to engage their faith by promoting and working towards systemic and cultural change. Social Justice oversees our letter writing campaigns, sponsors and recruits volunteers for the Community Weatherization Coalition, and provides and sells fair-trade coffee, tea and chocolate to our church.

Social Justice works with advocacy groups such as the Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice and the ACTION Network, as well as houses our Mommy Reads program, where volunteers assist inmates at Lowell Correctional Institution to record mothers reading children’s books, then sends those books and recordings along to their families.

Social Justice also worked with We Are Neutral to make UCG the first carbon-neutral UCC congregation in the state of Florida. Through our Social Justice committee, UCG is engaged in working together to bring about a more beloved community for people everywhere.

Mommy Reads

We care for incarcerated families through our Mommy Reads program, where groups of women volunteers travel to Lowell Correctional Institution with children’s books and mp3 players. Mothers are invited to choose books for their children, read them into the mp3 players along with a personal message, then our volunteers send the books and the mp3 players to the mothers’ children. get involved>>